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Are you one of the many individuals who have ever been on a blind date? Did it work out in your favor? Was it a massive disaster? Or was it one of those rare scenarios where the person you were meeting for a blind date thought they were meeting some hot gay men at ? That very scenario is what’s explored in “Gay Men Videos” the latest release from Str8 To Gay.

Phenix Saint stars in this release as a straght guy who has been set up for a blind date. Phenix tells his friend over the phone that he hopes the girl he is meeting will be hot. When Phenix arrives at the home of his gay blind date, flowers in hand, he is surprised when he sees Trace Kendall open the door. Phenix asks Trace if “she” is ready yet, which leads Trace to realize that there has been some sort of communication breakdown somewhere along the line in the blind date setup. But as we all know, every gay man can turn something like this around to his advantage. After all, if someone as hot as Phenix showed up at your door, you’d give him one…umm, a romantic date…right? This release will show that Trace has some alternative ideas about what he can give his blind date with these men.
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Trace’s plan begins with the old “accidental spill to the crotch” trick after Phenix tells Trace that he thought Trace “would be more female,” but “didn’t mean to be rude or anything” in saying that. Phenix then goes to take a shower, and Trace (and us as well) get to watch the whole thing. When Phenix finishes and starts to get dressed, the fun and seduction really begins.

Trace and Phenix are soon both naked and Phenix pulls the old “you won’t tell anyone, will you?” line before wrapping his mouth around Trace’s hard cock. Overall, this partcular scene was done very well and gives us a chance to talk about something rather than hardcore scenes. That’s what makes Str8 To Gay and allof the other websites in the family great – they offer a different variety of factors that can make great adult scenes.

Now, you may be asking yourself “why haven’t you gone into much of the sex that happens in this release?” Well, the answer is simple: you should go and see it for yourself to see just how hot and steamy it is. check out gay men videos at

Gay sex with Scouts

by has outdone itself with this latest installment of its fabulous series, Scouts. Scouts: Part 4 is a fantastic five-way sex scene starring Zeb Atlas as the scoutmaster, and Johnny Fanz, Zac Stevens, CK Steel and Jack Radley as his ever obedient scouts. Zeb is an old pro at making films, he is everywhere, in high demand. Johnny and Jack have both done a few films for, while CK and Zac are relatively newcomers to making porn films. CK is a twink with a nice body, carefully trimmed pubes, and a nicely cut cock. Zac looks like the typical boy next door.
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Scouts: Part 4 starts off around the campfire, as do most of these films. Scoutmaster Zeb asks the boys what they have learned that week. CK says that he has learned a lot, but he thinks he may have missed one lesson: he was never screwed by Zeb. This leads our five hunky men into a discussion about sex. Johnny, ever outrageous and outspoken, decides to take matters into his own hands… literally!

Within seconds, Johnny has Zeb’s rock hard cock out as he gives his scoutmaster a nice blow-job. The other scouts look on in amazement as their own dicks become hard inside their pants. Pretty soon CK’s mouth replaces Johnny’s as CK gets into sucking off his scoutmaster. Johnny and the rest of the scouts start giving each other blow-jobs, while still wearing their scout uniforms. Two of our sexy young scouts enjoy sucking the cock and balls of one scout – he is loving this double attention.

Meanwhile, Zeb has one of the twinks on the camp table and he is happily pumping the ass of this twink who is wearing nothing by his neckerchief and woggle. Zeb lines the scouts up on the table and proceeds to work his way down the line of waiting assholes. First Johnny Fanz, then Jack, until all four scouts are gasping for air and letting the scoutmaster know how much they are loving the attention.

After Zeb finishes drilling each waiting ass, (and our scouts earned their “I’ve been screwed by the scoutmaster” badge) we are witness to a pretty powerful jizz fest. Zac Stevens is the bukkake boy as he gets sprayed with jizz from Zeb, then Johnny, CK and finally, Jack. Fabulous ending to a great film. check out more gay sex here

Gay Sex with Jimmy Fanz at Drill My Hole


jimmy fanz‘The Apartment Part 1’ by for ‘Drill My Hole’ is so popular that Part 2 was made almost straight away. This is just a quick update for those of you who have still got to see it.
In Part 1 the very cute Luke Adams moves out of his boyfriend’s house and into his own apartment. He had been feeling to stifled and was looking forward to a great new start. It so happened that there was a knock on the door, and he had his first fuck in there with his new neighbor, Cliff Jensen.
In part 2, Luke gets a surprise phone call from his old boyfriend Troy Phillips. Troy Phillips is a powerful giant of a man who loves living in the fast lane. He is six foot five inches, so towers over us mere mortals. He has an eight and a half inch cut cock which seems to be continually hard and ready to go. He is a top, and with his brown hair and blue eyes he could easily have starred in the old black and white movies with his swarthy looks. He has only been in one other flick so far, and that is ‘Wet’, with Jimmy Fanz, which has been viewed by over 13,000 of you horny men so far. Not bad for a starter.
In this episode, Troy Phillips phones Luke up to tell him he has seen a man that he wants to fuck but his place is a mess and can he use his apartment. Luke agrees and leaves the keys under the door. The next scene shows Troy standing in the street stopping the man of his dreams. Within seconds, Troy tells him he wants to have sex with him. The young man, Jimmy Fanz, smiles back at him says he would like that too. They head for Luke’s apartment.
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Jimmy Fanz has that bot next door image. He’s very cute with a chiseled body after spending lots of time in the gym and swimming, by the looks of him. He is a versatile man willing to do, and try, anything or anybody at least once. He has an eight inch cut dick with a great, tight asshole. He has black hair with cheeky brown eyes. He has been in two other flicks with so far, and those are: ‘Keep That Hard On Down’ with Stefan Nash, and ‘Human Studies’ with Tanner Stark.
Meanwhile: Troy finds the keys straight away and they enter the building. They are hungry for each other, and almost rip each other’s tops off as they kiss. Troy pushes Jimmy over onto the bed behind him. He lays next to him letting his hand wonder down his firm, hot flesh and into his pants.
They are both greedy fucks as they take turns on sucking on their big hard cocks, both men managing to take the other one’s cock all the way to the bristles as they play with their heavy ball bags. Both cocks gleam with spit as the sun shines through the window onto their heaving bodies.
Jimmy sits up and then, sitting over Troy’s waiting dick, he easies his asshole down all eight and a half inches. The sounds of naked flesh slapping against naked flesh fills the room as Troy Phillips pumps his cock in and out of Jimmy Fanz’ tight crack faster and faster. Jimmy hangs on and fucks him back, meeting him thrust for thrust fucking him like a cowboy riding his horse.
The bed creaks and rocks about as they change positions. Troy looks into Jimmy’s face as he carries on sinking his cock in and out of him. Their breathing gets heavier, the thrusts more urgently and, with their last cries of ecstasy, they shoot their thick, pearly-white globs of hot jizz all over Fanz’s satisfied body.
I’m moving into this neighborhood! Learn more about Jimmy at IMDB – click here