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Are you one of the many individuals who have ever been on a blind date? Did it work out in your favor? Was it a massive disaster? Or was it one of those rare scenarios where the person you were meeting for a blind date thought they were meeting some hot gay men at ? That very scenario is what’s explored in “Gay Men Videos” the latest release from Str8 To Gay.

Phenix Saint stars in this release as a straght guy who has been set up for a blind date. Phenix tells his friend over the phone that he hopes the girl he is meeting will be hot. When Phenix arrives at the home of his gay blind date, flowers in hand, he is surprised when he sees Trace Kendall open the door. Phenix asks Trace if “she” is ready yet, which leads Trace to realize that there has been some sort of communication breakdown somewhere along the line in the blind date setup. But as we all know, every gay man can turn something like this around to his advantage. After all, if someone as hot as Phenix showed up at your door, you’d give him one…umm, a romantic date…right? This release will show that Trace has some alternative ideas about what he can give his blind date with these men.
gay men
Trace’s plan begins with the old “accidental spill to the crotch” trick after Phenix tells Trace that he thought Trace “would be more female,” but “didn’t mean to be rude or anything” in saying that. Phenix then goes to take a shower, and Trace (and us as well) get to watch the whole thing. When Phenix finishes and starts to get dressed, the fun and seduction really begins.

Trace and Phenix are soon both naked and Phenix pulls the old “you won’t tell anyone, will you?” line before wrapping his mouth around Trace’s hard cock. Overall, this partcular scene was done very well and gives us a chance to talk about something rather than hardcore scenes. That’s what makes Str8 To Gay and allof the other websites in the family great – they offer a different variety of factors that can make great adult scenes.

Now, you may be asking yourself “why haven’t you gone into much of the sex that happens in this release?” Well, the answer is simple: you should go and see it for yourself to see just how hot and steamy it is. check out gay men videos at

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